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ProMS platform in a nutshell

ProMS (Project Management System) is a platform that can host different kinds of geospatial information and have it available everywhere you need it. It offers web- and mobile interfaces for easy and convenient access to your data. The platform has also further functionalities to manage and report your operations. Feel free to contact us with the details found at the bottom of the page!

Managing energy wood storages in forest with ProMS

ProMS is an easy-to-use and agile solution also for companies working with energy wood acquisition, seasoning and transportation! The map-based system allows you to see the storage sites at a glance and helps to keep the information always up to date. The possibility to add extra map layers to the system, such as property boundaries or forest stand data, supports road side storage management along with other needed operations.

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ProMS Mobile – forest management on the go

Finnish ProMS Mobile users can now enjoy the open forest resource data by Finnish Forest Center for free! ProMS Mobile offers the best user experience in Android platform. Your maps are available everywhere and advanced location functionalities help you utilize the data better. By subscribing to ProMS Mobile Premium, you get even a better access to additional map layers and features to help you in planning forest related operations – with only 19,90 € a month.

Premium functionalities

Available with Play Store Premium package or by a separate contract

Premium map package

Visualize the forest information better by accessing for example property boundaries, vehicle mobility and canopy height model maps

GPS Track management

Save and control your recorded GPS-tracks.

Background information

View background information of the layers


Download your map data for offline use and have it available also in poor network conditions

Advanced property and stand reports

Get a detailed report of the stand or property with a tap of a button!

Work management

Report and track your maintenance operations easily and conveniently with your phone!


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